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Thank You for showing your Interest in Nature’s Treasure A2 ghee.

Regular Ghee available in market is Cow Ghee/Mixed Ghee but not Gir/Desi Cow Ghee.
Normal Cow produce 15-20 liters milk per day. (e.g exotic breed of cow)
Gir cow produce 4-6 liters milk per day. (e.g indigenous breed of cow)
other Desi cow like Rathi, Sahiwal, Malwi, Sindhi, etc produce 6-10 liters milk per day.

To produce 1 kg of A-2 ghee 25-30 liters of milk is required.
Now, Food required by both breed of cow are almost same.

And as Gir Cow Milk & Ghee have A2 protein it have many beneficiary properties like anti aging, prevent from type-1 diabetes, autism, etc.

And so our ghee being a Gir Cow Ghee is rate is comparatively higher compare to normal ghee available in market

No. Packed in a glass bottle.

Thank You for showing interest in Nature’s Treasure A2 ghee.

We prepare Gir Cow A2 ghee is vedic method. Our A2 ghee is prepared using traditonal Bilona method.
And in Bilona method we get Butter/Makkhan.

That Butter/Makkhan is used to prepare A2 Gir Cow Ghee in Earthen Pots.

Thank you for showing interest in Nature’s Treasure A2 ghee.

Our large packing for desi gir cow ghee is available in 1 liter Glass Jar.
If you need more than you have to orders in numbers.

Yes , Nature’s Treasure  A2 Gir Cow Ghee is prepared using traditional Hand Churned Bilona Method maintaining nutritional Value.
And Cow at Nature’s Treasure Farm are Grass feded and for that we reserve land with hundreds of Medicinal ayurvedic herbs.

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